Who is Mander and What am I doing?


I bought a 24′ 1978 Dodge Commander which I affectionately refer to as Mander. She’s got good bones but needs a lot of work. I have so much to tackle to get her in road worthy condition so I’ve been working my butt off as often as possible. I’ve never done anything like this before but I am determined to get it done using my own two hands. I am rebuilding water damaged areas, redesigning to be more space efficient, adding earth friendly options and updating the overall look.

Once finished, I will be selling off most of my worldly possessions, loading up my cats and embracing the great unknown. I’m excited to embark on a journey of trust in myself and the universe. The cats don’t have a choice so hopefully they’re into that idea too. We will travel and see all the amazing things nature has to offer and live off grid whenever possible.

For 2 years I’ve been working as a Brand Ambassador for amazing companies like Dr. Bronner’s, Alaffia, Mineral Fusion and Coconut Bliss. This has provided me with a deeper exposure into companies and ingredients. I spend my days in health food stores reading labels and comparing products. I am passionate about being a conscious consumer and love to help people find products that are affordable, non-toxic and eco-friendly. Look for entries titled Consumed, in which I feature a new product that I believe in and provide you with information you need to make healthier choices in your life! I am very picky with the products I choose to use and the companies I choose to work for. Please know that if any products from the previously stated companies end up in a post, it’s not for any other reason, except for wholeheartedly believing in them.

Eventually I will be covering my travels. Stay tuned for breathtaking sights, travel stories and probably a fair amount of cat pictures.